Are Hotel Pillows Clean?

Hotels wash their pillow cases, but what about the pillows?  

Typically, that hotel pillow you are sleeping on has been slept on by many, many people and each one of them leaving their own "mark" on it.  Pillows can contain bodily fluids (blood, drool, dead skin, etc.), dust mites, and various bacteria. 

You spend hours with your face in that pillow, breathing in these possible contaminants and they present a potential for transmission of some pretty nasty stuff. 

Pillow Anywhere provides an easy and convenient way to bring your own comfortable pillow with you anywhere you go.

 -Pillow Anywhere's patent pending design includes a built-in removable neck pillow. To make it easy to pack your full size and neck pillow, we have included 2 travel bags.

-To help protect your pillow from the rest of the bed while on the road, our hand sewn case is made with a custom fabric with antimicrobial silver yarn.

-Pillow Anywhere's hand sewn case is made with a ®Feran Ice Cooling Finish to help keep your pillow cool.

-For the perfect balance of support and comfort, the  base layer is made of Energex™ foam coupled with a top layer of Cooling Gel Infused memory foam. These foams offers unparalleled pressure relief and temperature regulation.

-60 Night Risk-Free Money Back Sleep Trial

-Made in the USA